How to tell your team about implementation of timesheet software so that they will love it

Why project manager should consider implementation of timesheet software in the firm? Because it’s not only the solution for business improvement, but also a real facilitation of his duties.

Timesheet software and PM’s relations with team members

Project manager cares a lot about his relations with the rest of the team. Though the implemetation of timesheet software could be hard as people often fear of beeing moniotred. To avoid bad vibes in the office, he should explain what timesheet software is in fact.

How to introduce timesheet software to team?

1. You shouldn’t talk about it like about something bad. Avoid negative associations. Don’t use words like: control, spying, etc… Besides this talk about self-improvement. Tell them that thanks to timesheet software they will better know their time, they will know strenghts and weaknesses of their day plan, so they will be able to manage their tasks better, which means: work smarter but not harder.

Team menagement

Autor: Sam Churchill

2. Try to tell about good of the firm. Not everyone cares about it, but some do. You can list three main benefits of using timesheet software:
– ability of focusing on most benefitial projects
– keeping eye on unproductivie workers
– better respect from the clients, as you will always telling them correct time and costs estimations

3. Tell them about personal benefits that timesheet software brings:
– they will be able to approve themselves
– most productive workers will be recognised and rewarded
– their work will be more organized and that’s good for office vibes and personal attidtude to work

How is it faciltiation for project manager’s work?

Well, when you introuduce timesheet softeware implementation properly, than it will do a lot for you. Project manager has a boss to deal with and the team on the other hand. Having timesheet software, PM will alwyas have accurate data about time allocation in firm to show it to his boss and he will not be an informer, so he will keep respect of team members.