3 Benefits Of Using Timesheet Software In The Law Firm

There are no firms needing a timesheet software such as law firms. When lawyer bills his client for worked time, every minute counts. But in some cases, an accurate time tracking can be rather an impediment than help. A proper timesheet software needs to have some features that facilitates work and lets attorneys focus only on their duties.

At first we need to say clearly what are the factors of profitable time tracking: – using timesheet software regularly and consistently- specifying adequate tasks and projects- generating detailed reports – creating precise invoices

If you are focused on running time tracking correctly and you want to feel it’s benefits in your law firm, you have to choose a right timesheet software.

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The best solution for that is TimeCamp. It enables you to track time in a very easy way, bill clientes accurately and, thanks to this, create a better relations with them (not to mention the higher revenue for you).

Read about basic features of timesheet software that will help you running your law firm better.

1. Precise time recording

What people fear the most about timesheet software is a necessity of filling timesheets. People always think that it will disturb them and will not allow them to work as much as they want. This way of seeing is the most correct: in fact filling timesheet can be burdensome and paradoxically still time for your work. You will have not such problems with TimeCamp, because it is one of a few automatic timesheet software in the world. What you have to do is just to define keywords corresponding to your tasks and projects. TimeCamp will record them itself, automatically recognising what are you working at currently.

Time is money

2. Extensive reports

You know well that single tasks are such flexible things. Within one task you probably need to use your computer, do some phonecalls, have a few meetings, use printer, fax and talk to some colleagues from office. With timesheet software like TimeCamp you will see accurately every single activity that makes up your task. You can analyze dates, workers, off-line hours and whatever you want.

3. Accurate Invoices

You want to earn as much as you worked for it, and surely your clients likes to pay exactly same. It makes both sides respect and trust each other. With TimeCamp it’s extremaly easy to generate precise invoices for your clients. Every minutes devoted for your client is exported to Invoicing and you don’t have to worry that numbers are incorrect.

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